Beehives in Tullisaari

The Bee Company has four hives in Tullisaari park, Helsinki. Ina is the beekeeper of our Art collective.

If you live close by the hives, call me if:

  • you see a swarm
  • you notice vandalism
  • you have something to ask or just want to have a chat

My number is +358 (0)407175011

The bees I keep are temperate Italian-Finnish honeybees (Apis mellifera ligustica). Summer 2020 was peaceful and rewarding. We avoided swarming and the hives seemed to be managing well, although sometimes I was nervous whether I was doing anything right. I had to disturb / care for the hive on a weekly basis for I wanted to learn to read the queen’s actions and the development of the hive better. There were a few cold weeks in May and the growth of the hive did not start until the beginning of June. In June, I divided the hive and bought a new queen . Midsummer was hot and the bees were working hard. The July rains taxed the honey yield. In the beginning of August, I took about 50 kilos of honey from the hives and started giving them the sugar syrup. Currently, both hives have queens born this summer and a good crowd. Only a few varroa mites were found in the mite inspection. The summer has been soaringly interesting and the bees gentle on a novice beekeeper like me.