Bee Company

We are interested in artistic work as situated knowledge under the precarious conditions of multispecies livelihoods. Particularly sharing lifeworlds and becoming with non-human others. More specifically Apoidea and the practice of beekeeping. Such situated knowledge enables recognition and action on the complex interdependencies of multi-species livelihoods in changing socio-ecological conditions in an epoch characterized by severe environmental disturbances.

The act of slowing down, thinking and performing otherwise are political acts of resistance in the neoliberal work conditions. Our project is a place where possible futures become immediate, as we are unfolding very different planes of thinking about art, artistic practices and art institutions. The Bee Company is deeply connected to the need of doing otherwise; to land onto a new scene and see a ray of light in the lack of prospects; and share this journey in a generous way.

We work collaboratively allowing different kind of voices, interests and contributions. In these precarious conditions we cannot perform in unison, but instead of working alone we have come together in order to unite our forces to occupy space for the bees, our community and ourselves. We will organise gatherings to meet and learn from other residents, artists, scholars and beekeepers.

Our work invites everyone in joyful ecofeminist actions and idleness, with artistic quality and insight, looking all the way down to the materiality of the body and the soil.

Mehiläisten seura was awarded for Saari residence in summer 2021. From left to right: Aino Aksenja, Ina Niemelä, Ingvill Fossheim, Marlon Moilanen ja Suvi Tuominen
Photo: Jussi Virkkumaa / Saaren kartanon residenssi.